Patricia writes:

How can one defrag windows 8.1? My computer says that it needs to be defragmented but then it won’t let me defrag it. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s how to optimize a drive in Windows 8.1.  Start typing “defragment and optimize” drive if you’re on the Metro or Modern screen and the results will just pop up. If you’re using the desktop, open the Search Charm and start typing “defragment and optimize.” Optimize is the term used in 8.1 for what used to be called defragmenting.

The Optimize Drives window will open. Highlight the drive you with to Optimize and click Optimize.

You also have the option of scheduling regular optimization. Under scheduled optimization, choose Turn On.

Then you can schedule optimization.

I also have a question about his notice you’re getting that the disk needs to be defragmented. Make sure that it is an actual system notice from your computer and not an Internet pop-up trying to lure you to some type of malware-laden site or trick you into signing up for service you don’t need.

~ Cynthia