CBS Offers Pay Web TV Service

CBS is offering a subscription web TV service that will allow views to stream local stations in several large markets as well as watch a library of classic programing. The CBS All Access package will cost $5.99 per month.

Viewers can watch episodes of many programs from the current season, but not everything will be available due to contractual issues. NFL programming isn’t included and shows like Big Bang Theory are not available in some cases because of other contractual obligations.  At launch 15 prime-time shows will be available to watch the day after air, with commercials.

The UK Threatens Jail Sentences For Bad Internet Behavior

A new law in Britain could put people behind bars for bad behavior online. It’s known as Internet “trolling”, posting cruel or threatening comments on article or through social media.  People found guilty could face up to three years in jail.  Unlike the U.S., the UK does not have an equivalent of the First Amendment, so there really isn’t such a thing as protected speech, though there is a tradition of free speech. 

Some Britons question if this just isn’t an attempt to criminalize poor manners.

Office 16 Test Coming Soon

According to multiple reports, Microsoft is gearing up to launch a public beta test of Office 16 and also an Android tablet version of the popular office suite.  Users are already testing out the technical preview of Windows 10.

This will be the first new version of Office since Microsoft introduced the Office 365 subscription program. For the first time, users who subscribe won’t have to purchase a new version of Office, but should see their subscriptions upgrade to the new features.

Officials from Microsoft have recently spoken publicly about the challenge of developing an office suite that will work across multiple platforms and devices to meet the changing needs of users.

~ Cynthia