Help! My Yahoo! Email Doesn’t Work On The iPad!

Sandra Blattberg from New York writes:

After upgrading my iPad, I can no longer receive my Yahoo e-mails.

Major software updates like iOS 7 can occasionally play havoc with some of your existing settings for email on the iPad. However, it is easy to remedy. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Ensure you know the correct password for your Yahoo! email account. If you are not 100% sure what that is, it is always a good idea to test it to make sure that the password you are thinking of is indeed the one you use for your Yahoo! email account. So, open Safari and navigate to and log in to your account. If you are already logged in, log out and try to log back in again to ensure that your password works.

2. Next, find the Settings app on your iPad and go to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars to see your existing email accounts.

Mail, Contacts and Calendars

3. Tap on the Yahoo! account to access the mail settings, and then tap Delete Account. It sounds scary, but you are only removing the account from the iPad. None of your emails, contacts, or calendar events will be erased when you delete the account, they will just be temporarily removed from the iPad.

Delete Yahoo Mail Account

4. A warning will pop-up, informing you that deleting the account will remove all existing emails, contacts and calendars from the iPad. As stated above, your data is safe, so go ahead and tap Delete to confirm.

Confirm Email Delete

5. Next, tap Add Account, and then tap Yahoo!

Add Yahoo Account

6. In the pop-up box, enter your full name, email address (including the ending), and your password. By default, the description will read Yahoo! so you can change that if you like, or just leave it as it is. The description only serves to better identify the email account if you happen to have several different email accounts on the device. Then tap Next in the top right-hand corner to confirm your settings.

Add Yahoo Account Details

7. On the next screen, choose which Yahoo! services you would like to sync to the iPad. If you only need email, feel free to slide the other switches to the left in order to deselect the other options. Click Save in the top right-hand corner to save your preferences.

Save Yahoo Email Settings

8. Now you can navigate to the Mail app to find your latest emails. It may take a minute or two for them to sync, but they should appear almost right away.

~ Jonathan

86 thoughts on “Help! My Yahoo! Email Doesn’t Work On The iPad!

  1. Same issue. We have iphones and an ipad. Have reset the ipad, updated ios8, delete yahoo acct and put it back, still no email in our acct. and this just kinda happened within the last few days. I know this is new, and im not going crazy. I can my email fom safari just fine, but it wont bring in email in the ipad. This is something much bigger i think, people just dont know it yet. Thx brenda for making me sane.

  2. Same thing with me for weeks, inbox states “updated 19/03/2015. On my Iphone yahoo mail works fine. I loaded it on my wides ipad and it works fine. On my iPad ive deleated restarted re installed etc without success.
    It’s as if something on my iPad is blocking the email account connecting to the yahoo server.
    I have to use the yahoo app, but this is not as convieient as the apple method.
    I hope someone gets a fix to this.

  3. I followed your instructions and when I hit “next” after entering my name & email address & password, I got this message: The IMAP server “” is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the “Incoming Mail Server” field. Can you help me with this? I cannot find where my “Incoming Mail Server” field is and once there – what am I to do?

  4. Similar problems here, yahoo mail does not update until i open the ipad and click on inbox, then if you are quick enough you will see at the bottom of this folder the time when it was last updated which was the last time you checked the inbox, this has been ongoing for approx 1week.

  5. On both my iphone5 and ipad2 yahoo mail is very slow and often unresponsive it retrieving messages and sending – I have done everything possible and it still runs slow or not at all

  6. Jonathan……..I deleted yahoo acct. per ur instructions, which were very easily followed and am now receiving mail on iPad Air again. Thank you for ur technical skill.

  7. I followed all of the steps but it wouldn’t accept a new password! I have been hacked and still cannot change my password. I am abroad and don’t have anything but my iPad

  8. I have tried this several times tonight on my own IPad and my wife’s IPad the mail is still not working from the iPad but
    I have managed to send one email to my wife’s iPad from my iMac desktop. So, I can only assume the problem is with yahoo.

  9. I tried this but it made no difference. My latest test e-mail is still hung up and attempting to send after more than 5 minutes. I had even turned off the iPad and rebooted it, in case that was needed.

    Still getting the message that outgoing server “” failed. Supposedly I can configure additional outgoing mail servers, but have no idea how to do this. Anyone have a suggestion re: this?

    Pretty sure this problem cropped up after one of the updates late in 2015.

  10. Just tried entering the failed server info as a secondary server. New test email still hung up. Wonder if it’s a Yahoo issue.

  11. this worked for me, everything was still there on the ipad as well as on yahoo server, really strange after no problems for a long time that it quit just on the IPad, I think it came after upgrading to OS 9.3.1

    1. My Yahoo email and password refused several times on iPad, despite changing p/word. Keeps declaring that neither the email address or password match my account! ( This happened after updating to iOS 9.3.2 this last weekend). I shall soon be locked out of my account after multiple changes of password!!) Same account on my MacBook Pro is working perfectly. Have no idea how to sort this. like others I am dubious deleting the account and re-adding, but maybe this is the only way to resolve this.? Thanks, Apple for another mess-up with an upgrade!

  12. Jan, I just updated yesterday to 9.3.2. No problems on IPhone 6, but can’t get into yahoo, just see a blank page. Chatted with an Apple support person this morning. She didn’t know anything about this issue, told me to send my data and then ended the chat. I am part of several Yahoo groups for work and not being able to access is a real problem.

    1. Same problem in Italy. Maybe a problem of Safari on IPad. With Chrome on IPad i can access to Yahoo! Mail but the page isn’t the usual

  13. i do not put email apps on my computer, i access them as i would on my laptop. from which i CAN access yahoo emails. so the problem is maybe not with yahoo but something with my ipad? just get a blank white page. when i try to go through google, i get thrown back to yahoo’s home page after i try to log in.

  14. Same problem in Denmark accessing yahoo from IPad via safari. On May 25th worked fine, on May 26th and on just gets blank page. I have NOT upgraded so i Think it is a yahoo issue of changing their code. (Like a while back they changed so you can’t log on on one page , but has two visit two pages with a next Inbetween – very annoying )

  15. I have been with yahoo for years but I carnt read my e mails now it just blank page I have signed in with new pasword but still carnt read m y e mails what should I do

  16. I was having the same problem with my iPad. I always used the mobile site, not the app.

    Though it showed me as logged in, all I got was a blank white page. I logged out of Yahoo. Logged back onto my Yahoo home page, from there I clicked “go to yahoo mail ” it let me in.

  17. still waiting for someone to respond from Yahoo. Opened a ticket yesterday…been more than 24 hrs and no response. Unacceptable.

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