Bluesmart: The Suitcase That Can’t Get Lost

A new suitcase promises to change travel in a big way. The Bluesmart carry-on can be controlled by an app on your Smartphone.


Using your phone, you can lock and unlock the suitcase.


Plus, weigh your suitcase before traveling to avoid being charged for an overweight bag.


There’s also a built-in battery to allow you to charge your electronic devices while traveling.  The makers say there’s enough power to charge your smartphone six times.

You’ll  get an alert if you get too far away from you bag.

Plus, there’s location tracking if your bag ever gets re-routed.

It’s designed with a special compartment to easily access electronics.

So far, the developers have raised $316,000 of an original $50,00 dollar goal on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. They promise the first suitcases will be delivered to investors in August of 2015. The suitcase is expected to retail starting at $450.

It probably won’t be necessary to jump on the Indiegogo campaign to get one of these, before long before other suitcase makers are bound to come up with smart luggage that interacts with your smartphone. There are apps and luggage tags already available to help you track your suitcase, but nothing yet offering the kind of interactivity the Bluesmart promises.

~ Cynthia


0 thoughts on “Bluesmart: The Suitcase That Can’t Get Lost

  1. There are no weight limits on carryon and you carry your luggage with you everywhere so why do I need to track it or scale? Why is the case so heavy not practical. I also I did some research and they claim they are “the worlds first” but it looks to me they copied this idea from bags2go?

  2. There is one thing they could add to make this a super bag and that is a way for the bag to follow you at all times. Enough of the warning that your getting too far away from your bag. Yes there should be a warning for someone who is stealing. A very loud warning like a blast. The follow along bag would be a big help to those who have health issues.

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