Backoff Malware Spreads

The Backoff Malware that’s infected cash registers at companies like Jimmy John’s, P.F. Changs, Dairy Queen and Home Depot is spreading and putting customer credit and bank information at risk.

According to security company Damballa, infections increased 57% between August and September. The company says the scary part is that the Backoff bug wasn’t discovered until it had already bypassed prevention controls means to keep networks safe and that nothing seems to be stopping this infection.

Damballa advises companies to consider themselves in a continuous state of security breach and act accordingly. What can you do? Pay cash whenever possible and keep a close eye on your bank statement.

Microsoft Ends Free Music Streaming

Microsoft is killing the free version of the Xbox Music streaming service on December 1. The service offered unlimited streaming for 6 months and then a 10 hour per month limit on the music.  

Microsoft says it’s turning its attention to the $10 a month Xbox Music Pass.

 The Queen Tweets

The Queen of England is now Tweeting. She sent the tweet on the @BritishMonarchy account. Her Majoesty composed the following tweet on a tablet in front of a crowd and signed it Elizabeth R.

The Queen was also an early adopter of e-mail, sending her first message in the late 1970s.

~ Cynthia