Joyce from Lake Havasu City, AZ writes:

Is there a way to request e-mail read receipts for windows 7 using alive e-mail?????

Sure Joyce, it only takes a few to set up a receipt in the Windows Live e-mail client. A receipt means that you’ll receive an e-mail notifying you that your message has been read by its recipient (assuming that’s all right  with the person who receives the e-mail. They do have an option to refuse sending the receipt.)

Open your Live Mail inbox and click the drop-down arrow in the upper left.

Choose Options.

Then select Mail.

The Mail Options window will open, choose the Receipts tab.

The select Request a read receipt for all sent messages. This is also where you can choose to either send receipts to others when they request them every time you get an e-mail, never send them or choose to approve it on a case-by-case basis.

Then select OK.

~ Cynthia