Google Working On Cancer Detecting Pill

If you thought Google has a lot of your personal information now, the company is working on a pill covered with special nano-particles that can send back information on your health from inside your body.

These particles could detect everything from cancer to blockages to unusual blood levels. Researchers say pills like this could replace standard blood tests. The company doesn’t expect to actually be able to put these pills to use for about five years, but it’s one of many innovative projects Google X lab is working on.

Drupal To Users – Consider Yourself Hacked

Drupal is a content management framework used on about 2% of  millions of websites worldwide.  Its users got a pretty scary message from the developers. If they didn’t apply the security patch for a bug discovered in mid-October within 7 hours of it being announced, they can consider their website compromised. Applying the patch now won’t do any good.

Hackers may have already accessed data without leaving any trace. The company say users need to restore from a backup made before October 15 and then immediately apply the security patches.  They suggest anyone affected take their website offline ASAP. They also say any other sites hosted on the same server could be vulnerable. The company suggests even getting a new server. They also advise users to monitor the sites very closely to make sure they haven’t been tampered with.

 Microsoft Introduces Its Smartwatch

Microsoft has a smartwatch of its own to promote. The fitness- focused Microsoft Band will cost $200 and promises to monitor your heart, measure the amount of UV rays you’re exposed to and track your activity.

It’s not limited to Windows devices, this band and its app will word on Andorid and Apples devices and also in conjunction with apps like MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper.  It can also check your e-mail and work with your calendar.

~ Cynthia