CanIStream.It is an awesome site that offers the free service of letting you search across multiple streaming platforms at once to find the movie or television show you want to watch. 

Getting started is easy, you can just type in the Title of what you want to watch, select whether it is a movie or a television show, and then click the magnifying glass. The search results will display  information about the title you’ve selected, and offer you a variety of options to stream it for free, or rent it, or even buy it. 

If your title doesn’t come up in the results, you can set a reminder by registering for a free account, and then they will e-mail you when it becomes available to stream. 

Registration is easy, you can either F-connect with Facebook, or you can click the Sign Up link and enter in your e-mail address and create a password. 

I’ve been using this site to stay on top of movies I want to stream on Amazon Prime.  Check it out for yourself today!