Hermachandra writes:

You were commenting about cursor in an iPad.  But my Apple iPad does not have a cursor.

Hello Hermachandra,

Your iPad does have a cursor, however, it is not exactly the same as the cursor on a computer. A cursor is “a movable, sometimes blinking symbol that indicates the position on a display where the next character entered will appear”, according to dictionary.com.  On an iPad, that cursor is not always present, as it would be on your computer, because your finger or stylus is working as the mouse.

However, as soon as you tap on the screen somewhere that requires typing or other input, a cursor will appear. This will only happen when input is required, but there will be some indication of where you will be typing.


Basically, whenever your virtual keyboard comes up, you will find that a cursor will appear when you are ready to type. In this image, it’s the blue line after the word cursor. Other than that, you are right, you won’t see a cursor.

~ Audra