Internet Sales Tax Bill Dead For Now

A bill that would effectively end tax-free online shopping is dead in the water for now. Speaker of the House John Boehner said he had significant issues with the bill which would give states the authority to tax Internet purchases.

Online retailers felt it would be a nightmare, requiring them to figure out tax rates for every state in the union, but brick and mortar retailers felt it would level the playing field.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the legislation was at the top of his list to push through and that he’d do what he could to get it through.  He’d hope to tie another bill that prevents states from taxing Internet access, but Boehner said he would not let that happen.

Taylor Swift Pulls Album From Spotify

Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 is hot. In fact it sold more copies in a week than any album has since 2002 and more than all of the other albums on the chart combined.

One reason could be that Swift pulled her music from streaming service Spotify. It’s part of a disagreement over how much she’s being paid for all the streaming on the ad-supported service. Many artists feel that streaming doesn’t pay them fairly for their work.


Streaming has certainly contributed to a huge drop in physical and digital music sales with many listeners, especially younger ones, choosing to listen to music through streaming services instead of purchasing it.

 Ads Arrive on Firefox Tab Page

If you use Firefox, you’ve probably noticed something new when you start a new tab. The browser now features ads on that page if you have it set to show enhanced tiles.


You can avoid the ads by setting your new page to classic or blank mode or you can opt in to Firefox’s Do Not Track mode.

~ Cynthia