Rigoberto from San Juan, PR writes:

Is a memory card available for iPhone 4S and where does it go?

Rigoberto – you cannot add additional memory to an iPhone.  Apple expects you to use their cloud for storage.  But if you need some space on your phone, there are steps you can take.

Remove any apps you don’t use frequently from the phone. You aren’t getting rid of them permanently, you’ll still be able to retrieve them from iTunes if you wish to download them again. Unused apps can take up a lot of space.

Get your photos off your phone! It not only saves space, but prevents your photos and videos from becoming lost if your phone is stolen, lost or destroyed. You could back your photos up to the cloud or to your computer. 


Remove videos that you’ve watched. They can be horrible space hogs. How much music do you have on your phone? Does it really need to be synched with your entire iTunes music collection?

You could also consider additional cloud storage options like OneDrive, GoogleDrive or DropBox to give you even more storage space.


You could also look into a wireless media hub that can connect to your phone via WiFi.

media hub

If additional  space on the device is important to you, you’ll have to purchase and Android or Windows that offers expandable storage. But there are several alternatives to an SD card available for your iPhone.

~ Cynthia