Do you use WordPress? Are you thinking about using WordPress? If so you definitely want to know about WP Test! 

WP Test is a site that allows you to download a test that will measure the integrity of plugins and themes for WordPress. If you’re developing your own plugins and themes you should bookmark this page right now! I’m currently trying my hand at putting together a custom theme. So I’m grateful for the chance to test out what I’m doing.

When you arrive you’ll find a blurb of text that tells you about the project. You’ll also see buttons to Download the test, or to Demo the Test. I’ve been checking out the demo, and I think that it’s really helpful if you go check out the link to WordPress’ Theme Unit Test Codex first. It has a lot of helpful resources. 

Once you’re ready to start testing your content. Hit the Download button, open and extract the files, then you’re ready to start testing. 

This is an awesome development tool to have to test out your themes and plugins for WordPress!