Judy asks:

I had to have my computer wiped out and reinstall windows. I lost my Windows Mail email and a ton of folders full of information that I need. Can this stuff be retrieved or is it gone forever?

Well, that depends. Did you back up the e-mail in your mail client and save it somewhere? If you did export your data and save it to an external drive or cloud back-up, you can re-import it.

To export Live Mail messages, click the drop-down windows at the top left of your inbox and choose Export email.  Then choose Email messages. You can also choose to back up all of your account information, which is a great idea.


Choose to export the messages as Windows Live Mail messages and then click next.


Now select a location to back them up to. You could choose an external drive or put the data in a documents file that you regularly back up to an external drive or the cloud.


In the event of a catastrophe, such as having to reinstall Windows, you would reinstall Windows Live Mail on the computer and choose Import messages from the drop-down menu.


Choose Windows Live Mail and then next.


Then select the external drive where the data is saved and import your messages.


If your messages were not backed up all may not be lost just yet. I notice you have a Gmail account – so depending on your settings, all of your mail may still be up there save and sound in the cloud. I would go to Gmail using a web browser and check to see if the mail is there.

~ Cynthia