Liddy from Parkersburg writes:

I sent something to my daughter’s Facebook page and she said that I should not have put it there, that I should have sent it as a message so other people couldn’t read it. How do I know the difference between what people can read and what messages are just to the person I want to talk to?

Liddy, if you post a status or photo on your Facebook home page, it is public and all of your friends can see it.


If you go to someone’s Facebook Timeline and share a photo or post, both your friends and his or her friends will be able to see it.


If you would like to send a private message to only be read by one person, click the messaging icon.


You can then either compose a new message or click on a previous message to that person.


Just type your message and hit enter when you’re finished.


If you want to message using your phone, you’ll have to install the Facebook Messenger App – available in your device’s app store.

One thing to be careful about when using messaging, is to make sure that you’re responding to just one person and not everyone is a group message.

For example, this message not only goes to Jessica but to 6 other people.


If I type a reply to this message, it will go to everyone in that group.


To communicate with just one person in that group, start a new message. There are ways to adjust posting so that only certain people see them, but your quickest way to private communication via Facebook is a message.

~ Cynthia