Frank writes:

Can you convert Cassettes to Mp3? Another question, can the cassette or Mp3 create sheet music?

Frank, yes you can convert a cassette to an MP3. You could purchase a device like this cassette to MP3 converter that will let you plug directly into a USB port on your PC and use a program like Audacity to edit the MP3s.

We covered that process in this article and video a few years back.

 Converting those MP3s to sheet music is a much more complicated process and most software is geared to simple musical arrangements.

There is software like ScoreCloud that will create sheet music as you play music note by note into the program. It is available for computers and iPhones.


 There is also software like intelliScore that can convert MP3s to MIDI files and allow you to clean up make notations for individual instruments


If you have single instrument music, you could use try the Amazing MIDI file converter. If you convert your MP3 to a WAV file, you can use Amazing MIDI to transcribe that file to simple sheet music.


These programs are designed for single instrument music, which makes sense. Making sheet music out of band playing would be an awful lot like voice recognition software trying to recognize several people talking at once.

If you’re trying to do more than just a simple arrangement, your best bet may be to find someone who can transcribe sheet music and have him or her do the job for you.  If any of our readers have had luck with a similar project, please let us know in the comments how you accomplished it.

~ Cynthia