Corrine writes:

I have tried and tried, to no avail, on how to copy a photo from Amazon to eBay.  I can copy photos in Facebook but apparently that must be a completely different protocol. This has been driving me crazy.

There are usually two ways you can get a copy of an image from a website. Hover your cursor over the image. You might have the option to see it in a larger view or sometimes double-clicking on an object gives you that larger view.


You’ll want the larger view, because sometimes if you save the smaller image, you’ll just get a thumbnail size of the picture.


You can then right-click on the image to save it. I will warn you, not all images will have this save options. Some items are posted with safeguards against people copying the images.


Once these images are saved to your computer, you can make any necessary edits and upload as needed.  If you don’t see a save option, you can take a screenshot of the image and crop it down.

Trying to just copy an image the way you would text isn’t going to work, because what is displayed to you  as an image on the page is actually html code. The photo can then be uploaded to eBay according to their upload instructions.

I will caution you, that just because an image is displayed on the Internet, doesn’t mean you have the right to copy it and use it for business purposes like selling an item on eBay.  A big-name manufacture probably won’t go after you for using an image of their product, but if you were to copy photos that an individual took of their product in use, those aren’t your photos and you shouldn’t use them without permission, because it’s possible they might report you to eBay for using their images.

~ Cynthia