Norma from Lena, IL writes:

I need to change my browser from IE to Firefox. Do you have instructions on how i should do that? My bank upgraded and went to a higher version of IE and my computer will not go any higher than 8.  I need to change so I can go to my bank account. I am 81 years old and need help.

Norma, if you have a Windows XP computer, you should not be doing your banking online. It is not secure. You shouldn’t be going online at all, especially using Internet Explorer 8 and you certainly should not be banking with that browser. Microsoft ended security support for Windows XP back in April and it’s just not possible to keep that system truly secure online. There are things you can do to make it a little safer, but ultimately, it’s not safe for banking.

It’s pretty easy to get Firefox. Just click this link to go to Mozilla and download it for free.

Click the green download link.


When the window below opens, click Run.



Then follow the steps to install.


Then just click on the Firefox icon when you want to use the Internet.


However, even with the latest version of Firefox, your XP computer is not safe for banking. You would be better off banking either over the phone, by mail or in person.

You might look into a refurbished Windows 7 desktop, which Staples online and other retailers have for just over $100 or check out some of the new, inexpensive Windows laptops like the HP Streambook which sells for just $200. 


Expensive, yes. But far less expensive than having your account compromised.

~ Cynthia