Keith from Australia writes:

I have perused your video on “List A Folder’s Contents For Easy Organization” however this has not worked for my external hard drive (where my movies/music now live) How can I create a text file on the contents of the external drive (E:)?

Keith, there’s a simple solution to the issue you’re having here which requires skipping some of the steps outlined in the video. As you cannot use the CD command to navigate to your external drive, you can instead create a batch file on the external drive to serve the same purpose.

To do this, you can follow these easy steps:

1. Navigate to the folder you want to list, for example E:\Music.

2. Next create a new text file within the folder. This can be done by right-clicking within the folder, then navigating to ‘New->Text Document’ within the menu.


3. Once you’ve created it, you don’t need to worry about naming it. Just right-click and click Edit.

4. Now you’re faced with your standard text document editor. Enter in the following: “dir /B > list.txt”


5. Now go to “File”->”Save as…” and enter in “list.bat”

6. Before you click save, you need to click the “Save as type:” drop-down menu, and select “All files” from the menu. This is so that it will be saved as a batch file, and not a text file.


7. Once saved, you now need to double-click on the newly created “list.bat” file, and command prompt will briefly pop open.


8. Once it has finished, you will be left with a document named “list.txt” under your batch file, this is the end result that you’ve seen in the video.


9. You can now use the newly created “list.bat” file in any folder you want, simply by moving it into the folder like you would any other file.

~ Jake