Anni from Texas asks:

HELP I need an Internet security I think???? I have AVG suite .The Microsoft tech. told me so. ONLY I don’t know one to get. Any suggestions ???? And where to “get” it.

Anni, you definitely need Internet security of some type. And if you have your AVG suite up-to-date, you already have some security. You’ll also want an anti-malware program like Malwarebytes.

Your Windows computer should already have the option of activating  Windows Defender, which you could pair with Malwarebytes.  To turn Windows Defender on, type Defender in the search box of your Start Menu or Search Charm and click on the results.


Select Tools and then Options.


Click Administrator and then check the box next to Use this program.


You can also use free programs like AVG or avast.  Click on the names to follow the link to their respective websites, where you can follow the instructions to download these programs for free.


For paid protection (a subscription that you renew yearly), you have options like  Iolo PC TotalCare, Norton, McAffe and Kaspersky. All should do a good job of protecting your computer, though it’s still a good idea to get anti-Malware software as well.  These year-long subscriptions run between $20 and $80.


You can purchase these programs wherever you would buy software. They can be downloaded from the service’s websites or you may be able to purchase discs with the programs in stores or online.

Anti-virus software tends not to get along with other anti-virus software, so you won’t be able to run multiple anti-virus programs at the same time.

One thing I will caution you about, is that when you contact Microsoft for tech support, they sometimes do try to sell you a $200 anti-virus and support package. While, your computer definitely does need anti-virus protection, it doesn’t necessarily need that particular package. 

Once your anti-virus is installed, it is important that you keep it updated and set it up to regularly scan your computer.

~ Cynthia