Artha from Florida writes:

I have just gotten a Win 7 computer.  I used to be able to highlight a graphic and either copy to another folder or move to another folder.  I don’t seem to have that option in win 7. I now open a blank email and insert the graphic and then save to the other folder.  Is there a way to do that?

Copying an image in Windows 7 should be fairly easy.  To copy from a folder you can either highlight and press Ctrl + C or right-click the image and select Copy from the drop-down menu.


Then open your destination folder and press Ctrl + V or right-click and choose paste.

You can also choose to drag an image into a folder to copy. Click and hold on the folder and just drag it to the destination.


If you want to save a graphic from a document or from the web, right click on that graphic and choose Save Image As, then  select a destination folder.


You can also click, hold and drag the image into a file to make a copy.


The image will then appear in your destination folder.


~ Cynthia