William writes:

I have an emergency!!!  I need to know how to copy my info from my computer to an external hard drive!!!

William, you don’t say what types of information you need to copy or what operating system you are using. But let’s see if we can help.

Once you plug in that external hard drive it will show up as an available drive under Computer or This PC.  You copy information to it the same way you would to any external drive. You can either drag and drop or copy and paste. Select the files you need to copy like documents, data back ups, photos and music and move them to the other file.

If you would prefer to do a back up of your entire system, these articles can help.

To learn how to back up Windows 7, click here.

For Windows 8, click here.

It’s a good idea to make doing regular backups to an external drive or the cloud part of your routine. That way when something goes wrong, you already have a recent backup.

Good luck!

~ Cynthia