One  thing I’ve noticed among my friends who have recently become moms is that they  often look for other moms that they can socialize with, and as their kids are getting older arrange play dates and such with. One of my best friends from high school ended up having twins which was a unique experience that led her to seek out other moms of twins.

I’ve loved watching the way she found a new community to participate in, and how all those lovely women support each other. So when, Mom Meet Mom came across my path I sent it to her immediately. She loved it, so I thought it would be a great site to share with all of you. 

When you arrive at the site I suggest scrolling down the main page. They provide a lot of information about how the site works, and what they aim to do with it.  If you want even more information check out the About section where you can learn more about the site’s founders and their goals for it. 

The FAQ is also a great section to check out to get a feel for whether or not the site fits your needs, parenting, and even lifestyle. 

With all that said, how Mom Meet Mom works is by comparing a certain set of criteria in order to match you up with other local moms based on your interests, schedules, families, personalities, and social preferences.  They also offer the Socials section where Moms can plan parties with other moms in their local area, and an active Forum section where you can interact with other moms online. 

This site looks like a great way to meet other moms in your local area and build a community together!