Kelly from Barefoot Bay, FL writes:

Just got a 4th generation Fire tablet. As you know this uses the Silk browser and Amazon uses there own operating system called Sangria. Which I believe is an Android operating system.Please fill me in on an antivirus/malmare program for this device. I have read from forums that some don’t work properly. After all, this is a personal computer too.

Kelly, you’re absolutely right about your tablet. It is a personal computer. In fact, your Fire tablet is an Android tablet (and a very nice one at that.) Fire tablets run a highly-customized version of Android designed to work with Amazon’s ecosystem of books, videos and apps.

I’ve written before about the security apps available in the Google Play Store.  There are a wide variety of apps available for Android tablets, but the selection for your Fire tablet is a bit more limited.


You’ll have to choose from what’s available in the Kindle App store through Amazon.  Fortunately, you’ll see familiar names like Norton and McAffee.  These apps say they are free to download, but if you want the full virus protection, you will have to subscribe to their service, just as with a PC.


If you already have an anti-virus subscription with multiple licenses, you may be able to use one of those licenses to extend protection to your Fire tablet.

You will also find avast! Mobile Security and AVG offered with free version.   There’s even a MalWare Bytes app.


As to which apps will work well with your tablet, one thing that can help is to use a filter in Amazon’s app store to select your particular model of tablet.


I would also suggest reading the user reviews to see if they mention your particular model.


With the free downloads, you could always try them out to see how they work and if it doesn’t seem to be right for your tablet, uninstall it.

I’m sure that someone will mention that you could always root your tablet or side load another app store from which to download the apps of your choice, but I can’t recommend it.  Rooting a tablet invalidates the warranty while installing apps from outside app stores can open you up to the very viruses you hope to prevent.

~ Cynthia