Hemachandra writes,

Dear Steve,

I have a number of default icons on my Apple iPad Mini (like map, calendar, etc.) I am not able to delete them. Is it possible to delete them to make space for more apps?

Hi Hemachandra,

In order to remove an icon from the homescreen of an iPad or any iOS device, it means you actually have to remove the whole app. Apple doesn’t allow their default applications, such as Calendar, Camera, FaceTime, and Maps, to be removed completely. So you cannot actually delete the icons.

However, you can make more room for other apps by combining those seldom used apps into one folder. Start by holding down on one of the apps you’d like to delete, such as Maps. This will cause all the apps to wiggle on the screen. If the app cannot be deleted, you will not see an X on the corner once they are all wiggling. (Notice in the screen shot how only iMovie and Chrome have the X.)


Once the apps are wiggling, drag Maps on top of Calendar. This will create a folder. Drag any other default icons you’d like to hide into this folder in the same manner. You can also change the title of the folder (mine was set as Productivity by my iPad, but I changed it to Apple Stuff) by tapping on the folder when it’s wiggling, then tapping in the title bar and typing the new label. Some have even suggested placing this folder on its own screen so it’s out of the way, which would be up to you.


If you still need more space, you can do this with all similar Apps you’ve installed, such as all your games, photo editing, and social media apps.

~ Audra