Seymour from Boca Raton writes:

I have gotten a number of books from Amazon on my I phone.  Can I put them on my iPad and not remove them from my IPhone so I can read in both ? If so how?

Very simple, Seymour. If you purchased (or downloaded free eBooks) from Amazon, you can read them on any device as long as you install the free Amazon Kindle App.  Go to the app store on your device and search for the Amazon Kindle App. Tap “Get” and it will be downloaded to your device for free.


Once open, log into your Amazon account and you will have access to every eBook you’ve ever purchased through Amazon.

Not only can you read the same books on your iPhone and iPad without removing them from the device, the books will be synched. If you stop in one place while reading on your iPhone, the book will be in that same place when you open it on your iPad.


Also, know that there’s no need to keep books that you’ve finished on your device. Those books are stored in your Amazon cloud and you can download them to any device with a Kindle app to read whenever you want.

This also applies to Android devices, Windows Tablets and your PC or Mac as well. As long as the free Kindle app is downloaded to the device and you are signed in to your account, you will have access to all of your Amazon eBook purchases.

One big advantage is that if your tablet or phone were to be lost, damaged or stolen, your eBooks would still safely reside in that Amazon cloud and you can access them easily from another device with a Kindle app by logging into your Amazon account. 

You do need an Internet connection to initially download the book to your device. After that, you can read the book offline if you happen to be away from a connection.

~ Cynthia