Lyn writes:

Was unable to get my Yahoo email so I deleted it and set it up again, now it says that i have to turn off private browsing. I do not know what that means.

Lyn, you don’t say which operating system or browser you re using, but I’ll try to offer solutions for both PC and a Mac or iPad.

Private browsing mode is a setting on your Internet browser  that disables tracking and data collection features. It ensures privacy, but can cause issues with things like e-mail that needs to retain some cookies to operate properly.

If you are using Internet Explorer in the privacy mode, you’ll see the InPrivate off to the left of the page when it is active.


To turn it off, click the gear symbol in the upper right of the Window.


Then select Security and InPrivate browsing.


A Window will open and you can turn off InPrivate browsing by closing it.


In Internet Explorer and Firefox, you’ll only get a private browsing setting if you turn it on. You can do that quickly in both of these browsers by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P.

  Now, if you’re trying to get your mail on the Safari browser. Go to the lower right of the page and tap this symbol pagessympbol in the lower-right.  You can then tap private to turn Private browsing off and on.  On an Ipad, you’ll see this symbol plus. Tap it and you’ll have the option to turn private browsing off at the bottom left of the screen by tapping Private.


If you are using an iPad, I would also suggest getting the Yahoo! Mail app from your app store instead of accessing your mail via the browser.

~ Cynthia