Donna writes:

I don’t have a question today, but rather a negative feedback for the new Yosemite update I installed on my MAC. If I had known that I could no longer clear just my history, I wouldn’t ahve updated. Along with the history, it clears out every single one of my website passwords. Thank goodness I keep a notebook of all my passwords, but I’m not going to do this every single day. This might keep me from ordering online now, if I can’t delete my credit card info. I really hope that Apple resolves this problem.

 Donna, you aren’t the only one to complain about this change, so even though you say it’s not a question, I am going to offer up some answers. There are tons of complaints about the issue in Mac forums, but no official fix from Apple for the issue. You have two options:

The change is in your Safari browser and you don’t have to use Safari browser with your Mac.  Consider switching to another browser like Firefox or Chrome.


You can also take a few extra steps when clearing your history in Safari. Choose History and then select Show history from the drop-down menu.


Yu’ll see a list of your browser history organized by date. Select All or hit Command A and the delete key. Or you can choose the sites to delete individually. This should take care of clearing the history without bothering the other data. 

~ Cynthia