Jack from Duluth, GA writes:

I recently started using Outlook 2013 as my email client. When I try to print an email to a PDF file, the only way to do this is to make my PDF writer the default printer before I print the email. Is there any way to print an email to a different printer without having to go the control panel and redefine the default printer?

There are many things that Outlook 2013 can do to enhance your productivity, but saving emails as a PDF is not a default option. However, it is something that you can easily accomplish with the addition of an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. By adding a virtual printer you can create PDFs right from the Print menu in Outlook. Here’s how.

1. Download CutePDF Writer, a free virtual PDF printer, by visiting this website and clicking the Free Download link.

free download

2. Double-click the installed file and click Next to begin the installation of CutePDF Writer.

Install CutePDF

3. Be sure to check the radio button that accepts the terms and conditions of this installation and then click Next.

setup Cute PDF

4. CutePDF Writer is free software that can be used in commercial or non-commercial environments. However, you will be offered some additional products and services during installation, so make sure you read the following screens carefully so that you don’t install anything that you don’t want or need. All offers can be declined.

decline offers

5. Click Install to continue with the Installation.

install window

6. The last step is to install the PS2PDF converter. This requires you to be connected to the Internet but is an automatic download and installation. Click Yes to install this additional component of CutePDF Writer.

download converter

7. When the installation is complete, open Outlook 2013, find the email you want to save as a PDF, and go to File > Print (or hit Ctrl+P on your keyboard). Your default printer will be listed in the Print menu, but clicking on it should reveal a drop-down menu. Select CutePDF Printer and then click Print.

print to pdf

8. A pop-up dialog menu will then ask you where you would like to save the PDF. Navigate to the folder you wish to save the file in and click Save.

save to desktop

Your email will now be saved as a PDF which can be viewed, archived, printed, or saved to other locations as required. Future emails that you need in a PDF format can be handled in much the same way simply be selecting CutePDF Writer from the Print menu.

~ Jonathan Wylie