Jim writes:

I see in your newsletter articles about Kindles. For those of us who have Nooks, can we see some articles on these?

Jim, as you can see, our articles mostly come from reader questions and we seldom get questions about Nooks.  That’s because, despite a promising start and a pretty good device, Amazon Kindle sales far outpace nook.  But if you have a specific questions about Nooks, please ask.


Also, be aware that a Nook tablet is an Android tablet, so any tips that work for Android tablets should be good for a Nook. While a Kindle Fire is also an Android tablet, their version of Android is highly customized. For example, you can’t use the Google Play store with a Fire tablet, you have to shop in the Amazon App store. However, you can use the Play Store on a Nook.

Please let us know if you have any questions we can help you with.

~ Cynthia