Steampunk Reindeer


I’ve posted before about my Steampunk centerpiece featuring a Steampumpkin and Steampunk Easter eggs depending on the season.
This year I finally made Christmas accessories.

I thought long and hard about what theme to take and considered robot Santa (too creepy for me) or a geared-up Christmas tree (no point.) 

I finally became inspired while watching a beautifully awful movie called Santa Claus at a Rifftrax event. Mechanized reindeer it would be!

I started by purchasing glitter reindeer at Target and picking up some gears and keys in the scrapbook department at Michael’s. I’ve found these same gears at Hobby Lobby and Joanne Fabrics as well. Of course, there was also a tube of my old pal Super Glue.

You have your choice of gears and fly wheels in various sizes.

The keys and keyholes are sold separately.

I found the perfect spot for the key to wind these babies up and glued the key hole and then the key.

Then I started putting gears and wheels where I imagined they would go to make this thing fly.

Here’s my first finished reindeer. I did the second dear with similar, but not exactly matching gears and keys.

Here they are flanking the steampunk centerpiece on my dining room table.

Can you tell by the rumpled runner that the cat is really interested in the reindeer?

Now onward to Valentine’s Day and the 4th of July . Ideas anyone?

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