Barbara writes:

I have a Kindle HDX and was told by one of their techs that I couldn’t connect my tablet to my t.v., a 42″ Samsung HD plasma. However, when I have Netflix playing on my tablet, and turn it on on the TV., it picks up exactly where it’s playing on my tablet. Any idea how that happens?


Barbara, when you play a Netflix movie, you aren’t playing it on your tablet or on your TV, you are streaming it from NetFlix servers up the cloud. You  can use your Netflix account to access the content with a phone, tablet, game console or set-top box.

The Netflix server remembers your account and where you stopped watching the movie.  One of the reasons your Kindle HDX doesn’t connect to the TV is that it doesn’t need to. If you have a Smart TV or set-top box, you can access almost anything you would be watching on your Kindle via an app. There’s an Amazon Prime app available for viewing their content on a smart TV and just like Netflix, your video would pick up where you left off.

~ Cynthia