Microsoft Office Is Free For Your Android Tablet

Great news for fans of Microsoft Office who own an Android tablet.  Microsoft Office Apps are  now available for free in the Google Play Store.  Office 365 has been available for Android phones for some time as part of an Office subscription, but not for Android tablets.

Microsoft made free versions of their Office apps available for Android phones, iPads and iPhones at the end of 2014, but their free apps for Android tablets were still in development. Now you can head on over to the Google Play Store and download touch-friendly Android versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

These apps will open and edit documents created in the desktop version of Office and also allow you to create documents that will work in any version of Office.

 To download the apps, head to the Google Play Store. You’ll find Microsoft Word for Tablet, Microsoft Excel for Tablet and PowerPoint for Tablet. OneNote and OneDrive apps are already available.


Click Install to download to your device.


When you open, you can sign into your Microsoft account. This will give you access to your free OneDrive storage, which is especially important on devices like tablets with smaller hard drives. OneDrive also allows you to access documents easily between your PC, phone and tablet.


Document layout for Word looks pretty similar to Word on your PC, but it is optimized for touch.


You can attach your tablet to a keyboard to type or just tap the screen to use the onscreen keyboard.


The layout for Exel will look familiar as well.


This means Microsoft Office products are available for free across multiple platforms. PC users can access Office Online free through and Android phone and tablet users as well as iPhone and iPad users can download Office apps for free.

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  1. I cannot find Word, Excel or anything else beside OneNote and OneDrive in the Play Store on either my Toshiba Thrive tab or my Galaxy S4 phone. Did you maybe jump the gun about the release date? Or has Microsoft pulled them already? Is a subscription to Office 365 required?

    1. Teresa, for your phone, look for Microsoft Office Mobile. It contains Word, Excel and Powerpoint. For tablets, the apps are separate downloads

      1. Thanks for your help; it looks like tablets running ICS or below aren’t supported. I’ll stick with Kingsoft.

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