Touch Office Apps Arrive In Windows 10

Touch-friendly versions of Office for iPads and Android have been around for some time, but users of Windows tablets have been left out until now.


Those running the Windows 10 Technical can now check out universal Office apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  The apps can be found in the Windows Store Beta in the preview.  Also available for those running the technical preview is a preview version of Office 2016.


Verizon Cuts & Raises Data Plan Costs

Verizon is cutting the cost of a data plan for some users, but raising the price for others.  Users of the More Everything plans with 1 -3 GB plans will get an extra GB at the same price.


At the same time, they company is raising the price of their $80 10GB monthly plan to $100 and adding 12GB-16GB plans prices between $110 and $130 monthly.


 FCC Wants To Regulate Internet Access

The FCC wants to regulate Internet access like a public utility.  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says this would prevent carriers from slowing down connections for some content and benefit consumers, while critics say this type of move tends to kill innovation and investment.


Wheeler promises that the FCC would not use the power to add taxes or tariffs or set rate regulations for Internet service, but since the government takes those actions with other utilities, many feel it’s only a matter of time before restrictions are applied to the Internet.

 ~ Cynthia