10 Million Passwords & User Names Published Online

Security researcher Mark Burnett has released 10 million passwords and usernames to the public. He says that he wanted to share this clean data with other researchers to give insight into user behavior and encourage research into password security.

He says he released the information to the public because he was concerned that he might be raided by the FBI for possessing the data if he simply wrote an article about it.

Burnett says he had no intention of stealing anyone’s identity and he thinks most of the passwords are no longer in use.  He got the data from sites that help you check if your account may have been compromised like haveibeenpwned.


Scribd Adds Comics

The increasingly popular Scribd book subscription service is now offering unlimited comic and graphic novel reading for subscribers.  Scribd offers a catalog of 10,000 titles including new Marvel, IDW and Archie Comics and classic issues.


Also in the mix are graphic novels by writers like Alan Moore and Harlequin Manga. This is in addition to 500,000 eBooks and 30,000 audiobooks available on the service.  A subscription to Scribd runs $9 per month.

You can access Scribd via the web or through apps on your Android or iOS device as well as from a Kindle Fire or Nook HD.

Kill Switch Killing Smartphone Thefts

It looks as if the introduction of kill switches  on newer smartphone models is having the desired effect on the theft of smartphones.  London saw a 40% drop in smartphone thefts while major US cities also saw noticeable drops.


A kill-switch is a lock you can activate remotely if your phone is stolen. It makes your phone useless to the thief. They can’t access data or re-program the phone.

~ Cynthia