Emilio asks,

I have an iPad Mini. I bookmarked a program, clicked “Add to home screen.” The icon on the screen reads “Yahoo”, in a blue box. Below is printed “Favorites.” I prefer to have the name of the program not “Favorites.” How do I change Favorites?

Hello Emilio!

I think you are actually saving a website, rather than a program. When you are using Safari on an iPad, you have the option to bookmark a website to your home screen. To do this, hit the square with an up arrow in it to the left of the address bar, then tap on Add to home screen.


Once you’ve tapped on that, a box will come up that will show you how the title will appear on the home screen. It seems it will automatically title the icon Favorites. But you can simply tap in that box and change the name to whatever you would like to be shown.


From what I can tell, you cannot edit that title once it’s been placed on your home screen. However, an easy fix is to simply tap on the one that is already saved, repeat the Save to home screen steps, but this time rename it to whatever you’d like. Then, you can delete the previous one by holding down on the icon until it shakes, then hitting the X in the corner. Make sure to then hit the home button again to stop all the icons from shaking.

~ Audra