I’ve told you before about the nifty graphic design site Canva that offers many free options for creating everything from signs to cards to blog posts.  This site also offers a selections of tutorials to help you make better graphics.

These tutorials can be especially valuable to beginners and can help you make your designs look more professional. To check out the tutorials, head on over to canva.com and choose Design School at the top.


There are lots of topics to choose from. Let’s check out resumes.


This article is jam-packed full of interesting resumes. Some of the advice it offers is pretty standard.


But other suggestions, like taking a different approach with colors…


or turning the typical layout upside down, were thought-provoking. Examples are included that show the resumes with information about how the makers put them together.


I especially liked the tip about making a mobile-friendly version, so that you always had a resume ready to show someone or for a potential employer or client to view easily on their phone.


You’ll find articles on flyer designs, building a brand identity, where to find free stock photos, business cards and much more. You can also search by category.


These articles features beautiful graphic examples. I got lost in some wonderful tutorials about Typography.


There’s a lot to explore. Enjoy.

~ Cynthia