Richard from Little Egg Harbor, NJ writes:

Not a question, per se, but whenever I see questions re: the merits of Win 8.1 versus Win 7, I have great difficulty as I wonder why respondents to those kinds of questions always seem to fail to mention that when one runs Win 8.1 in the Desktop mode, it’s just like having an improved version of Win 7. It’s easy to set a Win ‘8.1’ computer to boot up in Desktop/Win 7 mode (which is what I do) and, if I don’t want to, I never have to see any tiles, etc., and never have my brain get out of my “Win 7 mindset”…. I have 3 computers in a semi-circle–two have Win 7 Pro, and the 3rd (an upgrade from XP) has Win 8.1 – – and anyone looking at them would be hard-pressed to see any difference one from the other.



Richard, you’re preaching to the converted here. That’s been my experience with using 8.1 on my personal computer and Windows 7 on my work computer.  But many users don’t seem to feel that way at all. Some were so discouraged by the metro/modern interface that they gave up before even learning about desktop option. Some just don’t like that the Start Menu has essentially moved from lower left and turned into a search charm accessed in the upper-right.


My device has a keyboard and a touch screen, and I have no trouble at all accessing the charms. I have tried out Windows 8.1 on keyboard and mouse setups with no touchscreen and I will admit that getting the hang of it takes a little longer with a mouse than with a swipe.

Although I agree with you about Windows 8.1 and feel that it can be easily customized to give virtually the same user experience as Windows 7, I think there are a lot of users who would disagree. When it comes down to it, whether or not you like something is completely subjective. What feels like a great operating system to you, may feel clunky to someone else.


I’ve found that when I’ve offered to find solutions to specific issues with Windows 8.1, the majority of responses have been, “I just don’t like it.”  I think many who didn’t like the changes in 8.1 will feel more comfortable with Windows 10 once they get used to it.

Since you are comfortable with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Richard, you’ll probably enjoy it a lot.

~ Cynthia