Art asks:

Yahoo has taken over my Firefox. Whenever I open it, Yahoo takes over. I used to have AOL. Can you help?

Sure Art. Yahoo hasn’t taken over, but it looks as if Yahoo has been set as your homepage. But that’s easily fixable.

Go to the address bar in Firefox and type in (or the address of any page you wish to use as your homepage) and press enter.


Once the AOL page loads up, go to the tab for AOL.


You can right-click on the tab and select Pin tab to have that tab always open and available when you open Firefox.


You can also left-click on that tab and hold the button down. Then begin to drag the tab. You’ll see a smaller version of the page like this appear as you drag.


Drag that small version of the page to the icon that looks like a house.


A pop-up will appear asking if you wish to make that page, your homepage. Choose yes.


~ Cynthia