Floyd asks:

Can I delete downloads from my download folder because the same seems to appear in my control panel?

Floyd I’m not sure what you mean by  “control panel.”  I suspect you might mean your Start Menu. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t delete the files because they may be showing in the Start Menu because you’ve recently opened the file from the downloads folder.


In the case of files such as music, documents or photographs, you will want to make sure to move those files from the downloads folder to where you ultimately want to keep them.  For example, I can click and hold the left mouse button on this downloaded file of WorldStart’s Tech Tips Monthly e-Magazine and drag it to the Documents folder.


Or I could right click on the file, select copy and then paste it to a destination folder.


If you move them, they’ll disappear from the downloads folder. If you choose to copy the files to their destination, you can delete the copy left in the downloads folder when you’re finished.


For some files, such as an installer for a Flashplayer, you can delete that file once the installation of the update is complete.

~ Cynthia