Dave from Aliso Viejo writes:

I am concerned with Windows 10 upgrade. When I had Windows XP and upgraded to Win 8, most of my hardware and software was not compatible with 8. I had to buy new scanners, and printers, and software to run on win 8. However, all the hardware and software ran fine on Win 7 systems. So my question is this… Many people spent money upgrading to win 7. Will the stuff that works on win 7 work with Win 10 or will we be forced to buy new hardware, software like we did for win 8…?

I’m afraid that there’s no real way to know until Windows 10 is actually finished, because the OS is still a work in progress.


My guess from using Windows 10 is that most things that run with 8.1 will run with Windows 10, but I certainly can’t make any promises. The real difference between upgrading from 8.1 to 10 and XP to 8 is that XP was 13-year-old operating system when you upgraded to Windows 8.  It’s not surprising that many things that functioned with XP would not work with Windows 8.  If your scanner or printer is several years old, it’s not likely that the manufacturer is going to bother coming up with new drivers to make it function with a new operating system. It’s in their best interest for you to buy a new piece of equipment. 


It’s much more likely that a three-year-old printer is going to work with a new operating system than a 10-year-old printer.  Your best bet will be to check the manufacturer’s website for your printer when the Windows 10 upgrade is released.  They should have compatibility information and offer downloads of Windows 10 drivers if there are any available.

~ Cynthia