A lot of people use social media service Twitter for links to breaking news and other news items of interest and Twitter boss Anthony Noto wants to cement that position, even floating the idea that there could be a Twitter Daily Edition that groups together important Tweets on news topics together. 

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, it’s a social media service, most popular among smartphone users, that allows users to send short messages (140 character) limit.  Sometimes these messages (called Tweets) are friends talking about their life or sports or sharing photographs. But more and more news organizations use Twitter to distribute news and to also receive information from Twitter users on the scene of breaking events.

A Tweet could just be a sentence, but it can also be a photo or a video and, most importantly, a link back to a news site with more information on a breaking event. I worked for many years in a news and in recent years whenever something major was happening, we would always head to Twitter and search the subject to find out if people were reporting things from the scene or posting photos or videos.


So it’s not surprising that Twitter would want to capitalize on this and sort out the Tweets about your dog or your dinner from news content. What form this daily edition might take is still up in the air. It might be a Twitter app that focuses entirely on news events, leaving out your friends’ random musings on life or it could be a daily summary sent out as a Tweet.


As print newspapers struggle to survive in a time when only 21% of people between 25-34 read newspapers daily, finding a way to engage younger news consumers is a priority that could result in big profits.

~ Cynthia