We all know that system recovery and re-installation can be a pain, even with a recovery image on your hard drive. And those recovery images can take up a HUGE about of drive space! In Windows 10, Microsoft plans to change that forever.


The Windows’ refresh and rest functions won’t need a separate recovery image. The company estimates that will save between 4 and 12 GB on your hard drive, depending on the device. If you have a gigantic hard drive, that’s not a huge amount of space, but for people using tablets and notebooks with smaller hard drives, it’s a big deal. And, after all, you paid for the hard drive, you might as well get all of the space available.

The refresh and reset functions will rebuild the OS using the runtime system files. That means you won’t have to reinstall every update after your device has gone through recovery. For more severe issues, you will be able to create your own recovery media with Windows 10.

~ Cynthia