Checking the food baking in your oven just got a lot easier, or a lot more complicated – it depends on how you look at. Appliance maker Electrolux will soon have an oven with live-streaming capabilities on the market.

The company is keen on the the future of smart appliances, with their CEO gushing to Bloomberg, “This is a year of massive launches that will really create volume and value.”


The high-tech oven will have a built-in camera and you’ll be able to view inside from your tablet or smartphone, thanks to an app.  The company already offers apps for other appliances that offer instruction on use and let you download recipes and you can even control their heat pump remotely using an app.

Electrolux hopes that once users purchase an appliance that works with their app, they’ll want to purchase more smart appliance so that their whole kitchen can work with a single app. Much in the way that Apple, Android and Amazon build brand loyalty by providing both devices and services that work together.

~ Cynthia