With the weather starting to get nice across the US, people are starting to plan their travel adventures. For those who like to hop in an RV and make a road trip as their adventure, but don’t have the need to own one now you can rent an RV to make your trip in!

This site allows you to connect  with folks who own an RV but aren’t using it to rent one for your trip. It also lets RV owners who aren’t using their RVs currently get in touch with renters.

There are a couple of ways you can navigate the site. You can put in the date and location of your trip and search through the options that come up. Or you can scroll down the page and select the type of vehicle you want to rent to search through those options. You can even just search by State by clicking one on the map.

Have an RV you want to rent? Scroll the bottom of the page, then put in the vehicle type, year, and length and click the orange List Your RV button to get started.  

This is a great way to travel and explore the US! Check it out today.