Facebook has introduced a preview of Businesses on Messenger, a new platform  meant to help companies use Facebook Messenger to communicate with their customers.

According to a statement by Facebook, the platform “enhances communications and interactions between people and businesses” and also enables people to “have rich and personal conversations with businesses.”

What that glob of marketing gobbledygook actually means is that, for example, a buyer could choose to receive order confirmations and shipping updates about an order and also modify, track or return an order all through the app.


Users could also ask questions or report problems to the business using the app.


All interactions between the users and the company would be kept in a single message thread, enabling both the company and the customer to view their past interactions.


The app would also give retailers the opportunity to notify customers of special deals, such as letting them know an out-of-stock product is back in stock.


The app will initially launch with just a few select partners, but the company says they expect to announce more partners soon.  Companies that are interested in being a part of the platform can click here to get more information.


Customers already use social media as a means of contact with businesses, especially to voice complaints. This seems like a natural extension of that relationship. 

~ Cynthia