Stampsy is s single place to share, curate and discover visual content that tells a story.

You can start your journey by click the play button on the main page and learn all about the site. The video is just under a minute and a half long. You can also scroll down the page to learn more about Stampsy. I recommend doing both. I feel like it creates a fuller picture of what you can do with the site. 

If you decide this looks like something you want to try out then you’ll need to Sign Up. You can sign up with Facebook, Email, and if you click Show More Options you have the choice of Twitter and  Google. I chose Facebook like always. 

Once you’re signed in, notice the red circle at the top right of the page. If you click that it will open a tray with the About Stampsy collection where you can learn how to use the site. Click the green Follow Collection button, and then the circle that appears on the right. This will take you to the collection where I recommend the Welcome board to get started. 

You’ll also notice that when you log into your  account that there’s a bunch of featured content. This will be generated by the Stampsy collections that you follow. You have to check out this one – Dinos in California