One of the ladies in my cohort also teaches high school and was looking for a site where  she could direct her students to volunteer opportunities. I poked around the internet and found Do Something.

I’m starting you out on the About page, so that you can learn all about the site’s mission, age bracket, and featured volunteer campaigns. If you couldn’t tell just by the language on the site, they let you know that the volunteer work is geared towards people ages 13-25. If you’re over 25, you can head over to Old People section and learn how you can still contribute. I think designing volunteer campaigns that young whippersnappers can participate in is what I’m thinking about doing personally.  

If you click Do Something in the top left corner of the page, you’ll be whisked back to the main page. There you can see a selection of Staff Picks. And you can search by Cause, Time, and Type. This really helps teens find volunteer work that they are passionate about. By clicking any of those options, the menu will drop down and show you the nested categories.

I really like the donation option, because it teaches kids to give back and there are donation boxes all over my city! They can donate clothes and books with ease!

I think this site is a great way to get teens involved in giving back. Go check it out today!