I’ve got the answer to a question we get asked a lot around here: How do I find and remove duplicate files? Try using Duplicate Cleaner. It’s a free download. There is a paid version, but for most people I think the Duplicate Cleaner Free will work just fine.

Start by clicking here to go to the download link. Make sure to select Duplicate Cleaner Free and click Download.


A wizard will walk you through the installation.


You’ll be prompted to begin the Download. Make sure you click the button for Duplicate Cleaner and not the one to the right for Windows Drivers or the one below for for Slimware utilities. One of the hazards of free downloads, even good ones, is that you’re often prompted to download other programs and might end up doing it accidentally if you aren’t careful.


You”ll be prompted to save the download. Click Save File.


Duplicate Cleaner will now be saved in your Downloads folder. Double-click to start installation.


You’ll need to give the program permission to make changes to the computer and then select a language.

installer language

 When installation is finished, click finish and Duplicate Cleaner will open.


In part 2 of this article, we’ll put this program to work cleaning up your computer.

~ Cynthia