Microsoft finally made the new Spartan browser available to folks running the Windows 10 Technical Preview. My first impression: It’s fast. Really fast.  I find the layout much simpler and more convenient that IE 11.

Let’s take a tour. Remember, this is a preview version, not the final version of the browser.  When you open Spartan up, it looks like this:


You’ll have squared tabs for each page you have open, just as with Internet Explorer. You close tabs by clicking the X and add new tabs by clicking the + sign. Very similar to Internet Explorer as well.


At the top left, you’ll notice Forward and Back arrows, along with a refresh button. Click on the bar and you’ll see a search box and the typical address bar.


At the top right, click the Star icon to add favorites or add items to the Reading List.  I told you about the Reading List App in a previous article. In Windows 8 you can only add to it from the Metro version of Internet Explorer. The app allows you to save specific web article to read later.


When you add a page to Favorites you can pick a name and a folder. For Reading List you can choose a name. I noticed in this preview version of Spartan, the Add to text looks a little cramped. I’m not sure if that’s an error or a style choice.


Click the File icon with the star on it and you’ll see a menu for Favorites, Reading Lists, History and Downloads. Click the star for favorites. The icon next to it that resembles a stack of books is for pages saved to your reading list. One thing I noticed was that even though I didn’t import any of my Internet Explorer favorites into Spartan, it already listed my most-visited sites on my Windows 8.1 tablet.


For History, click the icon that resembles a clock.


For a list of recent downloads, click the icon that looks like a down facing arrow.


The icon that looks like a pen and paper allow you to add text or draw on a web page you’re viewing. I’ll cover those functions in a separate article.


The last icon is three little dots that will take you to Settings and other functions. I’ll discuss all of the goodies in that menu in part 2 of this article.

~ Cynthia