Notabli is a cool site for parents to create pages featuring their children’s development over time. The best part is that you can upload videos and photos and share them privately. It’s like  time capsule that captures special moments from your kid’s childhood. 

Start your journey by watching the video on the main page. It gives you a great feel for how you’ll use the site. You can also scroll down the page to get more information and user testimonials. Want more information? Check out the Why Notabli? page! 

Ready to join? Just click the Create a Free Account or Join Notabli buttons to sign up! You can use your email address or use Facebook to sign up. I used F-connect to check out the site. It had me confirm my information, and then presented me with two options: start saving  moments for my kids or keep up with my friends’ and family’s kids. I chose to keep up because I don’t have any kids. After you finish signing up, you can share Notabli via email or get started.  

If you have children you can get started by clicking Add Kid. This bring up a form for you to fill out with pertinent details about each child you add. From there you’ll add entries and so on. 

If you need help there’s a ? button at the bottom of the page that will allow you to get in touch with Notabli with your questions. 

This seems like a great alternative to the traditional baby book for parents who more inclined to keep up with something digitally. I know I’ve shared it with all my friends who have children. 

Check it out for yourself today!